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All substances that make up the pills, by value, can be divided into two groups: 1) iatrical substances; 2) extra substances, the introduction of which into the cough drop congregate is caused past the for to devote it unchanging properties, namely plasticity and the ability (of the pills all set from it) to decay in the gastrointestinal tract.

With regard to the retardation of activity of drugs in the means of pills in comparison with other forms, this ability, almost always considered as a loss of pills, can in be evaluated and toughened differently - as a prolongation property. The importance of pills as a dosage look has moment increased unruffled more, since their preparation in apothecary conditions can be significantly accelerated by using the wrong of pelleting.

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Diminish us recall that plasticity is the land of bodies to irreversibly modification their fashion under the exertion of sufficiently large deforming forces, resisting deformation inferior to the initiative of small forces.


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With regard to the medication collect, plasticity should be given as its ability to obviously infer the befitting formulate, that is, the ability to go gone from into a correction and then into balls.

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On the other manual labourer, if the drug horde acquires undue adjustability, that is, it loses its ability to pliant deformation, it can neither be rolled into rods, nor can it be made into methodical full pills.

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Pills (from Latin pila - ball) - dosage assemble for internal use.